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When you’ve been injured in a car accident, hit by a semi-truck, involved in a motorcycle crash, or lost a loved one to wrongful death, the experienced Louisiana personal injury lawyers at Shamieh law can help. We will fight for the justice and compensation you deserve. Get started with a free case review.

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    Our Personal Injury Law Firm in Louisiana Handles These Cases

    At Shamieh Law, Louisiana personal injury attorney Ramez Shamieh and the entire Shamieh team represent victims injured in accidents and harmed by the negligence of others.

    For more than 20 years, Shamieh Law has helped injured individuals in Louisiana pursue justice and recover the compensation they deserve. We’ll fight for you and your loved ones. Call us anytime, day or night, to start a free review of your very important case.

    How a Louisiana Personal Injury Lawyer Pursues Your Compensation

    If another party has harmed you, our experienced Louisiana injury attorneys will work hard to recover financial compensation for you and your loved ones. The payment of “damages” is meant to cover the following:

    • Medical Expenses – including hospitalizations, surgeries, ongoing treatments, and therapies
    • Lost Wages – when you miss work due to your injuries
    • Lost Future Income – when you cannot continue with your chosen profession
    • Pain and Suffering
    • Loss of Consortium – when a loved one has been killed, or their quality of life has been so diminished that your relationship with them has suffered
    • Punitive Damages – meant as additional punishment for harm done

    At Shamieh Law, we have recovered millions of dollars in damages for our clients and will fight to get you the compensation you deserve.

    We Represent You and Negotiate for You

    Count on our Louisiana personal injury law firm to:

    • Speak with involved insurance companies
    • Negotiate a strong settlement on your behalf with all parties
    • Demand a fair verdict in front of a judge and jury when responsible parties fail to live up to their duties. 

    We are here to help you recover compensation to make you and your family whole again in the eyes of the law.

    When fighting for justice on your behalf, your lawyer will do their best to prove the other party was entirely at fault. If your actions contributed to the accident in any way, the modified comparative negligence rule in Louisiana allows you to seek damages still if deemed partly at fault.

    Car Accident Lawyers in Louisiana

    When a car accident occurs in Louisiana, you have just one year to seek compensation for damages caused by the responsible parties [1]. Getting help from an experienced Louisiana car accident attorney is critical before time runs out. Otherwise, you’ll miss your chance at getting full justice and recouping your losses from property damage, medical bills, and pain and suffering.

    Some of the typical car accident cases we handle include the following:

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    Truck Accident Lawyers in Louisiana

    Big rigs, semi-trucks, and other large commercial vehicles contribute to devastating collisions, catastrophic injuries, and many fatalities. The dedicated truck accident lawyers at Shamieh Law know how to navigate these complex cases. Bus accidents and truck crashes have causes related to truck driver negligence, manufacturer errors, and poor decisions from trucking companies. 

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    Wrongful Death Lawyers in Louisiana

    Losing a loved one to wrongful death causes unimaginable pain and suffering for so many. The compassionate team of Louisiana wrongful death attorneys at Shamieh Law knows what these cases mean to our clients. We cannot bring back a loved one. But we can and will put the full force of our law firm to work to make you whole again in the eyes of the law. The justice of your loved one matters, and those responsible have a duty to right the wrong, often through fair compensation to surviving family members.

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    Motorcycle Accident Lawyers in Louisiana

    Motorcycle accidents often occur when drivers of other vehicles are not paying attention or are unaware of a motorcycle’s speed or presence. Catastrophic injuries and fatalities regularly occur with motorcycle crashes. Our Louisiana motorcycle accident attorneys look out for the interests of bikers and their families. 

    When you’ve been injured, or if you’ve lost a loved one in a motorcycle crash, we’re here to help deliver justice and demand fair compensation for the road ahead.

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    These practice areas represent a small portion of our personal injury law firm in Louisiana. Get to know all of our practice areas below.

    Free Case Review with a Trusted Personal Injury Attorney in Louisiana

    During your free case evaluation, you’ll have a chance to share your account of your accident or incident, along with the photos and other info you collected. The case review process is 100% confidential. Your Louisiana personal injury lawyer will provide all the necessary information and recommend your strongest steps forward. We sign an agreement only when you get your important questions answered.

    We Use The Popular Contingency Fee Model

    Count on us to put forward upfront costs to fight for your case. That often includes crucial tactics to gather evidence and build a strong case. Our Louisiana team will often:

    • Investigation of the scene of an accident
    • Provide accident reconstruction 
    • Hire expert witnesses

    With a contingency fee model, Shamieh Law will advance the legal costs for your case. When your case is victorious, we collect a percentage of the settlement or award. If we do not win your case, you do not pay.

    Louisiana Cities We Serve

    The Louisiana personal injury attorneys at Shamieh Law Firm represent victims from all over the state of Louisiana, including:

    • New Orleans
    • Baton Rouge
    • Shreveport
    • Metairie
    • Monroe

    Shamieh Law also provides legal representation throughout the state of Texas.

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    Negligence Laws in Louisiana

    In Louisiana, comparative negligence is a type of legal doctrine that establishes an injured person’s right to collect damages from another person or entity that caused the injury, even if the injured person was partially at fault for their injuries.

    Comparative negligence law states that even if the plaintiff is partially responsible for their own injury, the defendant may still be held liable for a portion of the damages. This is because, in many cases, any amount of negligence on behalf of the defendant can still lead to injury, even if the plaintiff was partly to blame.

    Under Louisiana’s comparative negligence law, any party found to have contributed to an accident can be held accountable for their percentage of fault.

    For example, if the plaintiff is found to be 25% responsible for their own injuries, then any damages awarded by the court will be reduced by 25%. Accordingly, if a plaintiff is found to have contributed more than 50% of fault in an accident, they are normally not allowed to recover any compensation.

    The Statute of Limitations in Louisiana: Don’t Miss Lawsuit Deadlines

    In the state of Louisiana, the statute of limitations for personal injury cases is typically one year from the date that the injury occurred. This means that if an individual suffers a personal injury, they must file their lawsuit within one year or their claim will be forever barred. In some cases, such as those involving minors, the time for filing is extended. 

    The statute of limitations in Louisiana also varies depending on the type of personal injury claim being made, as well as the particular facts and circumstances of each case.

    For instance, medical malpractice claims must typically be filed within one year from when the plaintiff discovers—or should have reasonably discovered—the harm suffered. In these cases, the clock typically begins ticking on the date that the injury was caused or discovered, whichever comes first. In addition, there may be special legal rules and exceptions that might apply to a particular personal injury claim. 

    Frequently Asked Questions About Louisiana Personal Injury Lawsuits

    Is it possible to sue for pain and suffering in Louisiana?

    Yes, you can sue to recover compensation for pain and suffering after being harmed by someone else's negligence in Louisiana. A Louisiana personal injury attorney at Shamieh Law will assess your case to determine if physical or mental pain and suffering occurred. If so, they will add the non-economic damages to their claims that'll get presented to the court.

    How long will it take to settle my personal injury case in Louisiana?

    There’s no set time limit on how long it can take to settle your personal injury case in Louisiana. Simple cases might end in just six weeks, but more complex cases can take years to fight. Your Louisiana personal injury lawyer at Shamieh Law will let you know what to expect, although they cannot predict exactly how the case will go.