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Louisiana Personal Injury Lawyer

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A single moment of carelessness by another person can change your life in an instant. If you suffered an injury due to another person’s negligence, Shamieh Law can help you seek compensation for your emotional, physical, and financial losses. Our Louisiana personal injury lawyers are here to help you navigate your options during this difficult time and begin moving forward.

You shouldn’t have to pay for someone else’s mistake or carelessness. Under Louisiana law, you may be entitled to compensation if another person is liable for your injury. From motor vehicle accidents to slip-and-fall injuries, our legal team has experience representing victims of a wide range of personal injuries. Let us put that experience to work in your favor and seek justice on your behalf.

If you believe someone else is at fault for your injury, our Louisiana personal injury attorneys are ready to champion your interests. We want to maximize your compensation so you can access the resources you need to rebuild your life after a personal injury. Get started with a free case review by calling us today at 337-477-7222.

Why Choose Shamieh Law’s Louisiana Personal Injury Lawyers?

Our firm is led by Ramez Shamieh, a Louisiana native who has represented injured people and their families for nearly a decade. Ramez is proud of his Louisiana roots, which is reflected in his dedication to his clients. He has hand-picked a group of elite attorneys, paralegals, and case managers who share his commitment to giving back to the community with exceptional personal injury results.

Our law firm takes a unique approach to personal injury cases called “Winning With Awareness.” This credo means we practice compassion, dignity, and respect in our interactions with others while seeking the best results for our clients. We take pride in serving people during the most difficult times of their lives, whether that means helping them get medical care or seeking a favorable settlement on their behalf. When you trust us with your personal injury case, we’ll treat you like family, and you can rest assured that we have your best interests in mind at every turn.

We have received several awards and honors from some of the most prestigious organizations and publications in the nation. The following are just a few of them:

  • Top 10 Attorney Award from Attorney and Practice Magazine
  • AV Preeminent Peer Review Ratings by Martindale-Hubbell
  • 10 Best Client Satisfaction from the American Institute of Personal Injury Attorneys
  • Super Lawyers Rising Stars

Our Client Testimonials

What sets us apart from other firms is our focus on personalized and attentive service to clients to get them the results they deserve. But you don’t have to take our word for it. Here’s what some of our clients have to say about working with personal injury attorneys in Louisiana:

I had a bad accident that required plenty of medical work. Shamieh Law and his team went to work and took care of all my issues. I walked away with a very fair payout. Their services were perfect. – Corey

I had never been involved in a car accident. I was in shock, clueless, in a lot of pain! SHAMIEH LAW was professional, and they helped me in every step along the way. They took care of my settlement. I’m pleased and satisfied with the results. I highly recommend them. – Rulli

Very attentive to any and all questions and issues. So far, they have been able to help alleviate any of my worries or apprehensions regarding my case. – Clinton

Personal Injury Case Results

At Shamieh Law, we’ve recovered over $100 million for our injured clients and their loved ones. Here are some of our most notable personal injury case results:

  • $9.5 million for the family of a worker who died in a construction accident that resulted from a lack of training and safety equipment
  • $5 million for the family of a retail store employee who died because of negligent security
  • $1.6 million for a client who suffered spinal and back injuries in a multi-vehicle truck accident

We Serve Clients Across Louisiana

The Louisiana personal injury lawyers represent victims from all over the state. If you reside in any of the following regions and believe you may have a personal injury case, we would be honored to serve you.

Greater New Orleans

From New Orleans itself to Slidell and other surrounding cities, Shamieh Law is proud to serve injured people in one of Louisiana’s most populous regions. Orleans Parish saw 9,774 accident-related injuries in 2022, and even more people suffered other types of injuries in the region.

North Louisiana

Our law firm has helped many people from Shreveport to Monroe and beyond navigate their personal injury cases in Sportsman’s Paradise. In 2022, there were 4,437 accident-related injuries in Caddo Parish, while Ouachita Parish saw 2,550 injuries caused by traffic accidents.

Central Louisiana

Home to Alexandria and many more small towns, Central Louisiana is full of natural beauty. There were 1,746 accident-related injuries in Rapides Parish in 2022, which barely scratches the surface of the total number of personal injuries across the Central Louisiana region. We invite you to contact us if you’ve suffered an injury in this part of our great state.


From Lafayette and Lake Charles to New Iberia and Houma, Acadiana is a historically rich region that, unfortunately, sees many injuries. The parishes of Lafayette, Calcasieu, Iberia, and Terrebonne saw a total of 9,974 injuries in traffic accidents in 2022. We’ve represented countless people throughout this region—let us do the same for you.

Florida Parishes

The Florida Parishes—the eight parishes in the southeast area of the state—are home to Louisiana’s capital city, Baton Rouge. There was a combined total of 9,788 accident-related injuries in East Baton Rouge Parish and West Baton Rouge Parish in 2022. This number speaks to the need for experienced personal injury representation in this region and our commitment to providing it.

Types of Cases We Handle

Some of the most common types of cases that our Louisiana personal injury attorneys handle include the following:

Car Accidents

Car accidents can happen in the blink of an eye, but their consequences can linger for a lifetime. Some of the typical car accident cases we handle include the following:

  • DWI/DUI Car Accidents
  • Uber, Lyft, and Rideshare Car Accidents
  • Rental Car Accidents
  • Hit-and-Run Accidents

These accidents occur for various reasons, including distracted driving—including texting or using a smartphone while driving—driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, speeding, reckless driving, and running red lights or stop signs. Adverse weather conditions, poor road maintenance, and vehicle defects can also contribute to car accidents. No matter the cause, our Louisiana car accident lawyers are ready to investigate what happened and advocate for your rights.

Truck Accidents

Big rigs, semi-trucks, and other large commercial vehicles contribute to devastating collisions, catastrophic injuries, and many fatalities. Bus accidents and truck crashes can result from driver negligence, manufacturer errors, and poor decisions from trucking and busing companies. The dedicated truck accident lawyers in Louisiana know how to navigate these complex cases.

Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle accidents often occur when drivers of other vehicles are not paying attention or are unaware of a motorcycle’s speed or presence. Catastrophic injuries and fatalities regularly occur with motorcycle crashes. Our Louisiana motorcycle accident attorneys look out for the interests of bikers and their families.

If you’ve been injured or lost a loved one in a motorcycle crash, we’re here to help deliver justice and demand fair compensation.

Wrongful Death

Losing a loved one to wrongful death causes unimaginable pain and suffering for so many. The compassionate team of Louisiana wrongful death attorneys at Shamieh Law knows what these cases mean to our clients.

We cannot bring back a loved one. But we can and will put the full force of our law firm to work to help you hold the person responsible for your loved one’s death accountable. Getting justice for your loved one matters, and a wrongful death claim can help you and your family receive the compensation you need to move forward.

Hurricane Damage Claims

On average, a hurricane makes landfall in Louisiana once every 2.8 years. These storms leave a massive trail of destruction behind them, obliterating homes and injuring their inhabitants.

If you suffered losses from a hurricane, you may be entitled to compensation for your damage through a hurricane insurance claim. Our Louisiana hurricane lawyers can help you seek the compensation your insurance company owes you after an unfair denial.

Other Practice Areas

We can help with these additional Louisiana cases:

  • Pedestrian Accidents
  • Slip-and-Fall Accidents
  • Workplace Accidents
  • Product Defects
  • Premises Liability
  • Drone Accidents
  • Food poisoning
  • Construction Accidents
  • Animal Attacks
  • Business Disputes And Breach of Contracts
  • Boat Accidents
  • Daycare Abuse
  • Nursing Home Abuse
  • Burn Injuries

Available Damages in a Louisiana Personal Injury Case

If another party has harmed you, our experienced injury lawyers in Louisiana will work hard to recover financial compensation for you and your loved ones. You can seek recovery of the losses resulting from your accident and injuries, including the following:

  • Medical expenses, including hospitalizations, surgeries, ongoing treatments, and therapies
  • Lost wages when you miss work due to your injuries
  • Lost future income when you cannot continue with your chosen profession as a result of your injuries
  • Pain and suffering for the intangible impact of the injury on your life
  • Loss of consortium when a loved one has died or their quality of life has been so diminished that your relationship with them has suffered
  • Punitive damages as an additional punishment to the liable party for harm done in extreme cases of recklessness or malice

The exact types of damages available to you will depend on the circumstances of your case. At Shamieh Law, we have recovered millions of dollars in damages for our clients and will fight to get you the compensation you deserve.

Surviving Family Members May Pursue Wrongful Death Damages

One of the most devastating outcomes of a personal injury is a wrongful death. If you lost a loved one due to another person’s negligence, you may be entitled to compensation through a wrongful death claim.

If successful, this type of claim provides compensation to certain surviving family members for the losses they’ve suffered due to their loved one’s death. This may include funeral and burial expenses, lost income, and grief and anguish. In order of priority, the following family members may be eligible to file a wrongful death claim in Louisiana:

  • Surviving spouse and child
  • Surviving parents
  • Surviving siblings
  • Surviving grandparents

Statute of Limitations in Louisiana Personal Injury Cases

In Louisiana, the statute of limitations for personal injury cases is typically two years from the date that the injury occurred. Thus, if you suffer a personal injury, you must file your lawsuit within two years, or you will be unable to seek compensation. Wrongful death cases have a one-year statute of limitations, but the clock starts ticking on the date of death.

In some cases, such as those involving minors, the time for filing is extended. The statute of limitations in Louisiana also varies depending on the type of personal injury claim and the particular facts and circumstances of each case.

We Represent You and Negotiate for You

The first step in working with our legal team is a free consultation. During your free case evaluation, you’ll have a chance to share your account of your accident or incident along with the photos and other documentation you’ve collected. The case review process is 100 percent confidential. Our Louisiana personal injury lawyers will analyze and evaluate your case, providing all the necessary information to help you understand your options. We sign an agreement only when you get your important questions answered and are ready to move forward.

Once we take on your case, our lawyers will conduct a comprehensive investigation. This involves gathering evidence related to the incident, such as photographs, surveillance footage, accident reports, medical records, witness statements, and any other pertinent documents. We may also consult expert witnesses or accident reconstruction professionals to strengthen your case.

When it’s time to negotiate with the insurance company, we’ll handle all communications. Our negotiation experience is crucial in ensuring you don’t accept a lowball offer that does not adequately compensate you for your injuries.

If negotiations fail to yield a satisfactory resolution, we can file a lawsuit. This formal legal action marks the beginning of the litigation phase of your case. We’ll prepare for your trial and present a compelling case to the judge and jury.

Shamieh Law is here to help you recover compensation to make you and your family whole again. Plus, because we use a contingency fee model, we will advance the legal costs for your case. If we successfully resolve your case, we will collect a percentage of the settlement or award. If we don’t win your case, you don’t pay us.

Proving Liability in Louisiana Personal Injury Claims

All successful personal injury claims hinge on the concept of negligence. Our attorneys may only seek compensation for you if we can show that another party was negligent, which requires us to prove the following four elements:

  1. Duty: The at-fault party owed you a duty of care.
  2. Breach of Duty: The at-fault party breached their duty of care.
  3. Causation: The at-fault party’s breach of duty caused your injury.
  4. Damages: Your injury resulted in damages.

When fighting for justice on your behalf, a Louisiana personal injury attorney from our team will do their best to prove the other party was entirely at fault. However, if your actions contributed to the accident in any way, Louisiana’s pure comparative fault law still allows you to seek damages.

If you are partially at fault, your total compensation will be reduced according to the percentage of fault assigned to you. For example, if you are 25 percent responsible for your injuries, you can recover 75 percent of your losses.

Shamieh Law Team

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Shamieh Law has helped injured Louisianans pursue justice and recover the compensation they deserve. We are ready to fight for you and your loved ones. Call us anytime, day or night, for a free case review. Call us at 337-477-7222 or complete our online form to begin your journey to justice.

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