Case Results


Shamieh Law is committed to obtaining amazing results for all our clients. Below is a sample list of recent outcomes.

AmountTypeArea SpecificCase Description
$3,000,000.00SettlementBreach of ContractDefendant failed to pay money owed.
$2,000,000.00SettlementAuto Accident
$1,625,000.00Settlement18-Wheeler Wreck
$1,375,000.00Settlement18-Wheeler AccidentClient was stopped in traffic on highway and was rear-ended at 65 mph.
$1,000,000.00SettlementSexual Assault
$1,000,000.00Settlement18-wheeler collision
$1,000,000.00Settlement18 Wheeler Accident
$800,000.00SettlementAuto AccidentClient was T-Boned at stop sign which resulted in a traumatic brain injury.
$650,000.00SettlementAuto AccidentAirbag failed to deploy.
$645,000.00SettlementBreach of ContractClient was denied benefits under a life insurance policy.
$500,000.00JudgmentBreach of ContractClient was being sued by alleged co-owner. The court held that no co-ownership agreement existed.
$460,000.00SettlementAuto AccidentClient was side-swiped and required neck surgery.
$400,000.00SettlementStockholder DisputeClient was denied ownership of stock.
$250,000.00SettlementSlip & FallClient slip and fell on a unsafe curb which resulted in surgery.
$250,000.00SettlementAuto AccidentClient was a passenger that hit a wall.
$200,000.00SettlementFallClient fell through a skylight 2 stories.
$190,000.00Settlement18-Wheeler collision
$175,000.00SettlementTaxi Cab Company
$173,000.00SettlementAuto AccidentClients were rear ended.
$150,000.00SettlementAuto AccidentClient’s vehicle was hit by a crate that flew out of the back of an unsecured 18 wheeler.
$135,000.00SettlementAuto AccidentClient was side-swiped by a taxi cab driver.
$120,000.00VerdictCar Wreck Against Allstate In Tarrant County
$118,000.00SettlementAuto AccidentClient was rear ended.
$100,000.00SettlementAuto AccidentClient was rear ended.
$100,000.00JudgmentBreach of ContractClient was being sued for breach of a non-compete agreement. Judge found in favor of our client holding no breach occurred.