Case Results
Shamieh Law is committed to each one of their clients and the results below speak just that. It is our honor to help our clients obtain the best possible outcome regardless of the type of case.
AmountTypeArea SpecificCase Description
$16,530VerdictAuto AccidentClient was rear-ended by an unlicensed teenager.
$150,000SettlementAuto AccidentClient’s vehicle was hit by a crate that flew out of the back of an unsecured 18 wheeler.
$33,000Trial settlementAuto AccidentClients were rear ended on the highway.
$500,000JudgmentBreach of ContractClient was being sued by alleged co-owner. The court held that no co-ownership agreement existed.
$4,000VerdictAuto AccidentClient suffered very minor injuries in Denton County. The jury found in favor of our client.
$100,000JudgmentBreach of ContractClient was being sued for breach of a non-compete agreement. Judge found in favor of our client holding no breach occurred.
$97,000SettlementAuto AccidentClients were T-boned after a negligent driver ran a red light.
$173,000SettlementAuto AccidentClients were rear ended.
$46,500SettlementAuto AccidentClient was T-boned.
$42,500SettlementAuto AccidentMinor child was in a vehicle that was rear ended.
$72,500SettlementAuto AccidentClient was side-swiped by another vehicle.
3,000,000SettlementBreach of ContractDefendant failed to pay money owed.
1,375,000Settlement18-Wheeler AccidentClient was stopped in traffic on highway and was rear-ended at 65 mph.
800,000SettlementAuto AccidentClient was T-Boned at stop sign which resulted in a traumatic brain injury.
650,000SettlementAuto AccidentAirbag failed to deploy.
400,000SettlementStockholder DisputeClient was denied ownership of stock.
460,000SettlementAuto AccidentClient was side-swiped and required neck surgery.
645,000SettlementBreach of ContractClient was denied benefits under a life insurance policy.
250,000SettlementAuto AccidentClient was a passenger that hit a wall.
250,000SettlementSlip & FallClient slip and fell on a unsafe curb which resulted in surgery.
200,000SettlementFallClient fell through a skylight 2 stories.
135,000SettlementAuto AccidentClient was side-swiped by a taxi cab driver.
118,000SettlementAuto AccidentClient was rear ended.
100,000SettlementAuto AccidentClient was rear ended.
95,000Verdict/JudgmentAuto AccidentClient was t-boned while on road.
95,000SettlementUber Auto AccidentGroup of passengers in an uber that were t-boned.
83,500SettlementAuto AccidentClient was t-boned while driving on road.
81,000Settlement18-Wheeler AccidentClient was side-swiped by an 18-wheeler.
42,500Trial SettlementAuto AccidentClient was side-swiped by another vehicle.
30,000Verdict/JudgmentAuto AccidentClients were rear-ended by a negligent driver.