Personal Injury and Car Wreck Attorney in Lake Charles, Louisiana

Although Shamieh Law founder, Ramez Shamieh, currently resides in Texas, he has accomplished a life goal of his by opening up an office in his hometown of Lake Charles, Louisiana. Shamieh Law is a highly respected and successful law firm that has brought its skill and expertise to Lake Charles. Shamieh Law works tirelessly to ensure that all of the clients are treated with the level of care and respect that they would show their own family. Specializing in car wreck cases, Shamieh Law has seen success in a plethora of areas, including motorcycle accidents, big truck accidents, premises liability cases, contractual disputes, and much more. Shamieh has helped their clients receive 7-figure settlements, leading to their inclusion to respected networks recognizing these achievements of verdicts exceeding one million dollars.

If you are a resident of Lake Charles and its surrounding areas, do not wait to seek help following a car wreck or other personal injury case. Allow Shamieh Law to help you receive the compensation you deserve. Contact Shamieh Law to schedule your free consultation.

If you live in Dallas and have suffered a personal injury or been in a car wreck,

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