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Airbag Defect Attorney – Can You Sue for Airbag Failure?

Victims Of An Airbag Failure Need An Experienced Product Defect Attorney.

Automobile airbags were heralded as a lifesaving device when first introduced in the 1990s–and for the most part, airbag technology delivered on this promise.

When airbags work properly in auto accidents, they save lives and reduce injuries. But when there is an airbag failure due to botched inflators, advanced age, temperature fluctuations, random deployment or even the presence of a particularly deep pothole, the results can be deadly.

In some cases, an airbag failure can send shrapnel careening through a car’s interior (one investigating police officer thought an airbag failure victim had been shot or stabbed [1].

What Does this Mean for You?

While an airbag failure may sound like a fluke that happens to others, failing airbags are common. Airbag failure recalls affect more than 34 million U.S. vehicles on the road today. In fact, defective airbags made by a company called Takata have been recently recalled due to their track record of causing injury and death–but 69 million vehicles using these airbags remain in use [2]. It is estimated to take until 2020 to fix these defective airbags.

With millions of faulty airbags out there, if you have been injured in a car accident, there is a chance an airbag failure was a contributing factor in your injuries. Airbags don’t just cause injuries and death when they launch shrapnel through the vehicle. They may also cause harm by deploying too early, late or not at all. In other cases, airbags may deploy after a minor impact, causing more injuries than the impact itself.

Injuries from an airbag failure may include (but are not limited to) head trauma, paralysis, broken bones, blindness, paralysis, brain damage, amputation, paraplegia and even death.

Levels of Liability with an Airbag Failure

A car accident is a traumatic experience any time it happens. But when trauma and injuries are compounded as a result of failed safety equipment, you may feel even more frustrated and betrayed. After all, the airbag was supposed to protect you.

There are two levels of liability in a two (or multiple) car accident. One level concerns the other driver, who may have caused the accident. The other level concerns the manufacturer responsible for a defective part, such as an airbag failure. If a failing airbag contributed to your injuries, the manufacturer may be held liable in a personal injury case.

Consult with an Airbag Failure Attorney

You don’t have to go through an airbag failure case alone. Shamieh Law’s talented and aggressive car accident lawyers are here to evaluate your case. We will work with safety experts to determine if and why an airbag failure occurred. We will then determine liability, protect your rights and get you everything to which you are entitled.If you or a loved one has been injured in due to an airbag failure, or any type of product defect, in Fort Worth, Plano, Dallas or the surrounding areas, contact us now for a free consultation and to protect your legal rights. Call 469-225-3129.

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