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The Dallas product liability lawyers at Shamieh Law excel in complex personal injury cases. We offer experienced, ethical, and high-quality legal representation to those harmed by defective products. Our deep understanding of product liability issues, client-centric approach, and dedication to “Winning With Awareness” sets us apart. Are you suffering from an injury caused by a defective product? We offer personalized legal guidance and a proven track record of securing favorable outcomes.


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The path to justice and compensation can seem daunting in the aftermath of an injury caused by a defective product. Our Dallas product liability lawyers can help. At Shamieh Law, we know how to navigate the complex landscape of product liability cases. We vigorously advocate for victims’ rights, using our extensive legal knowledge and skills. Our experienced attorneys are adept at tackling an array of product liability cases, from manufacturing defects to dangerous pharmaceuticals.

At Shamieh Law, we proudly help injury victims throughout the Texas region secure the full and fair compensation they deserve. We are a full-service personal injury law firm with the skills and resources needed to handle the entirety of your case. Contact us today to schedule your free consultation.

Why Work With Shamieh Law’s Product Liability Attorneys in Dallas?

Choosing the right legal representation is crucial, especially when dealing with a product liability lawsuit. Here are just a few reasons why the all-star legal team of Dallas personal injury lawyers at Shamieh Law stands out:

  • Experience – Our attorneys possess extensive knowledge and skills in handling product liability claims. With years of experience, we’ve sharpened our abilities in navigating the challenges of these cases. We will provide the high-quality legal counsel you deserve.
  • Proven track record – Our success stories speak volumes. Our product liability team’s diligence, work ethic, and effective communication help achieve favorable outcomes for our clients.
  • Winning With Awareness – At Shamieh Law, we believe in “Winning With Awareness.” This philosophy guides our case approach, blending fierce advocacy with compassion and respect. We aim for the best possible outcome while maintaining dignity and empathy for everyone involved.
  • Client-centric approach – We treat every client like family. Understanding your unique situation and specific challenges is our priority. We tailor our approach to champion your interests, ensuring you are heard, and your needs are met.
  • Focus on service and results – Our team’s focus on service and results gives us a unique edge, setting us apart from other Dallas law firms. Client satisfaction is our top concern. We measure our success in the positive impact we make on your life.

Choosing Shamieh Law means partnering with a team that genuinely cares about your well-being. We offer exceptional legal service and commit to winning your case with awareness and integrity.

Case Results

We take pride in our ability to secure significant settlements for our clients. Our Dallas product liability lawyers have a remarkable track record, exemplified by impressive case results, including the following:

  • $1.056 Million Defective Airbag Case Against Honda and Takata – Our client suffered lung damage and permanent scarring from a defective airbag that exploded and released metal shrapnel.
  • $190,000 Faulty Airbag Case – This case involved a severe brain injury sustained by our client when their car rolled over, and their airbag failed to deploy.

These cases highlight our dedication to achieving justice for those harmed by defective products. Our results are the fruits of our legal acumen, negotiation skills, and unwavering commitment to our clients’ well-being.

Types of Product Liability Cases Dallas

Our seasoned product liability lawyers have encountered various types of cases. Each one is unique and presents distinct challenges. Understanding the various product liability categories is important for anyone considering a legal claim. Some of the main types of product liability categories include:

  • Manufacturing defects – These defects occur when errors in the manufacturing process generate a faulty product that causes injury. Despite a safe design, the manufacturing flaw makes the product dangerous for its intended use.
  • Design defects – Certain products are inherently dangerous due to poor design, even when manufactured properly. Sometimes, the entire product line can be hazardous.
  • Inadequate warnings or instructions – Products that lack sufficient safety warnings pose serious risks. Manufacturers must inform consumers about potential dangers and proper usage.
  • Marketing misrepresentations – When a product’s marketing misleads consumers about its safety or usage, it can cause serious harm. The marketing strategies and representations can come under legal scrutiny in these scenarios.
  • Quality control failures – Sometimes, products pass through defective quality control processes, causing injuries. Identifying these mistakes is important for building a strong case around these corporate failures.
  • Breach of warranty – Products sometimes fail to meet the terms of their implied or expressed warranty. When these failures cause harm, it constitutes a breach of warranty. This breach includes failing to fulfill safety or functionality promises.
  • Defective medical devices – Medical devices that malfunction and cause harm are labeled defective. These flaws can have serious or life-threatening implications for a patient’s health.
  • Dangerous drugs and pharmaceuticals – Drugs that cause adverse effects can cause severe harm. Drugs can become dangerous due to contamination, improper labeling, or inadequate testing.

Our Dallas product liability attorney can evaluate your case, categorize your claim, and guide you through the legal process.

Common Injuries in Product Liability Liability Claims

As experienced product liability lawyers, our team has witnessed many defective product injuries. Understanding your injuries can help you recognize the severity of your situation.

Frequently encountered injuries include:

  • Burns – Defective products, including electrical appliances, flammable materials, or chemical products, can cause burn injuries ranging from minor to severe.
  • Lacerations and abrasions – Sharp edges or breaks in glassware, machinery, or other products can cause serious cuts or abrasions.
  • Broken bones and fractures – Faulty products, such as collapsing furniture or malfunctioning machinery, can break bones.
  • Choking and asphyxiation – Small parts from toys or household items can pose a choking risk, especially for children.
  • Poisoning – Toxic substances in cleaning agents, contaminated food, and other products can be poisonous.
  • Electrical shock – Defective electrical appliances or tools can cause serious electrical shocks requiring medical treatment.
  • Organ damage or illness – Exposure to harmful chemicals or substances in products can cause organ damage or chronic illnesses.
  • Eye injuries – Products that splinter or shatter can damage your eyes, sometimes causing permanent vision loss or impairment.
  • Strains and sprains – Poorly designed or malfunctioning equipment can cause muscle strains or sprains.
  • Hearing loss – Exposure to excessively loud noises from defective products can cause permanent hearing loss.

These injuries vary from minor to life-changing. They can sometimes require long-term medical treatment or even cause a wrongful death. A Dallas product liability lawyer can help you identify the responsible parties and recover damages for your losses.

Who can be held liable in a Dallas product liability action?

In Texas product liability cases, various parties can be held accountable for damages caused by a defective product. Parties potentially liable in a product liability case include the following:

  • Manufacturers – These defendants include companies or individuals who make the product. They can be held liable for defects that occur during the manufacturing process.
  • Parts manufacturers – When a specific product part is defective, the manufacturer can sometimes be held liable.
  • Assemblers or installers – If assembly errors contribute to the defect, those responsible for the installation may be liable.
  • Wholesalers and retailers – Parties involved with the product’s distribution can be held accountable.
  • Product designers – Those who design flaws that make a product inherently dangerous can be held liable.
  • Suppliers and distributors – If a product’s distribution causes harm, these parties may be held liable.

Determining liability in these cases can be complex, requiring investigation skills and legal knowledge. Your product liability attorney will work diligently to identify all potentially liable parties. We’ll help you receive the compensation you deserve.

Recovering Damages in a Product Liability Claim in Dallas

You can recover damages if a defective product harms you. Depending on your specific circumstances, you may pursue the following options:

  • File a lawsuit
  • Negotiate a settlement
  • Participate in mediation and arbitration
  • Join a class action lawsuit
  • File an insurance claim
  • File a consumer protection claim

Each option has specific procedures, advantages, and limitations. Your product liability attorney will guide you through these options and help you choose a course to recover damages.

Potential Compensation in a Product Liability Lawsuit

You may be eligible for various damage awards, including:

  • Medical expenses – Compensation for past, existing, and future medical costs.
  • Lost wages – These damages include reimbursement for lost wages and future earnings.
  • Pain and suffering – These damages cover physical pain, emotional distress, and trauma from your injuries.
  • Punitive damages – In rare cases, the court may award punitive damages to punish the liable party and deter similar conduct. To receive a punitive damages award, you must present clear and convincing evidence that the harm resulted from fraud, malice, or gross negligence.

How Do You Prove a Product Liability Claim?

To successfully prove your product liability claim, you must demonstrate that the product was defective and caused your injury. Specifically, you must prove each of the following key elements:

  • Defect in the product – You must show that the product had a manufacturing, design, or marketing defect. Faulty construction, an inherently unsafe design, or inadequate instructions might constitute a defect.
  • Causation – You must prove that the product’s defect directly led to your injury. This step requires establishing a clear link between the defect and your harm.
  • Product used as intended – You must demonstrate that you were using the product as intended or in a way the manufacturer could reasonably expect.
  • Injury resulting in damages – You must show that your injuries yielded specific damages, including medical expenses, lost wages, or pain and suffering.

Proving these elements can be complex and requires careful gathering of evidence, expert testimony, and a strong legal strategy. Failing to prove a single element compromises your case’s success. An experienced Dallas product liability lawyer can help you build a strong case.

How Can a Product Liability Lawyer Help?

A product liability lawyer can help you navigate your case by assisting with strategic issues involving:

  • Case evaluation – Your attorney will assess your case details to determine your claim’s validity while identifying the liable parties.
  • Investigation – Your attorney will conduct a thorough investigation to determine the cause of your injury and identify the responsible parties.
  • Evidence gathering – Collecting necessary evidence, including medical reports, expert testimonies, and product details, is essential.
  • Legal analysis – Understanding and adhering to the nuances of Texas product liability laws is essential. A lawyer will analyze the applicable law and develop a legal strategy for your case.
  • Negotiations – Your lawyer will use their skills and tactics to negotiate a fair settlement.
  • Legal representation – If your case proceeds to court, your attorney will advocate to secure the compensation you deserve.

At Shamieh Law, our goal is to provide comprehensive support. We leverage our legal skills to guide you through the entire legal process.

What Should You Do if a Defective Product Injures You?

If a defective product injures you, it’s crucial to take immediate action:

  • Seek medical attention – Prioritize your health. Get medical treatment and document your injuries with photographs and medical records.
  • Preserve the product – Avoid altering the product in any way because it will become important evidence.
  • Record details – Write down the incident’s date, time, and details. Document any witnesses and their contact information.
  • Avoid giving statements – Don’t discuss the accident with manufacturers or insurance representatives before consulting a lawyer.
  • Contact a Dallas product liability lawyer – Speak with an experienced product liability lawyer immediately. Contact Shamieh Law to discuss your legal options and protect your rights.

How Long Do You Have to File a Product Liability Claim in Dallas?

The Texas statute of limitations for product liability claims determines your filing deadline. Under § 16.012 of the Texas Civil Practice and Remedies Code, the standard time frame for filing your claim is two years from your injury date.

However, there are certain exceptions to this deadline, including:

  • Cases involving minors
  • Cases involving harms that were not immediately discoverable
  • Cases involving a wrongful death where the date of death differs from the injury date

Your Dallas product liability attorney will confirm your filing deadline during your initial case consultation.

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