Auto Accidents

Most people are shocked to learn that Dallas is home to the 2nd deadliest highway in the United States (I-45).

No matter how safe of a driver you are, auto accidents can unexpectedly happen in a split second without warning.

These accidents will leave you scrambling to cover lost wages and medical bills as well as adding undue pain and suffering.

Because of that, it’s important for you to know who to call when something goes wrong.

At Shamieh Law, we will fight aggressively to make sure the responsible parties and their insurers are held accountable.

This includes getting you the compensation you and your family deserve.

When handling cases that involve car accidents, it’s very important to set the foundation for success with a thorough, upfront investigation.

This involves acting quickly to secure key physical evidence and eyewitness reports.

Doing this will ensure we determine who is responsible as well as the best sources of recovery.

In the event that you’re without health insurance, we will refer you to medical providers so you can start the recovery process right away.

Once we have all the most relevant facts and information, we begin aggressively negotiating with each defendant and their insurers to get the most money possible to cover the cost of any injury you’ve sustained.

If a fair offer isn’t received, we will litigate and take your case to trial.

The job of an Insurance company is to give you the least amount of money possible by minimizing the value of your case.

Because we understand this better than anyone else in Dallas and Lake Charles, we’re able to fight back and get you the most amount of money possible.

Don’t make the mistake of taking on the insurance companies on your own or worry about paying us.

You don’t owe us anything unless we win your case. We also offer free consultations for all car accident cases in the Dallas and Lake Charles area.

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