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Drone Injury Lawyer – Can You Sue for a Drone Accident?
If You Have Suffered Injury Or Property Damage Because Of A Drone, Get An Experienced Drone Accident Attorney On Your Side. Drones are among the hottest new pieces of tech to come out over the last several years. What started as a way for the military utilized to lower…
Who Is at Fault When a Train Hits a Car?
A train hits a car or person somewhere in our country about once every three hours, says Operation Lifesaver [1], an organization dedicating to reducing the number of fatalities and injuries around railroad tracks and crossings. Furthermore, there are over 250,000 highway-rail grade crossings throughout America and more than…
Who Is at Fault for Car Accidents in Bad Weather?
According to the Federal Highway Administration, bad weather causes more than 1.3 million crashes in the United States each year [1]. These auto accidents result in more than 6,000 deaths and 480,000 injuries every year. Texas and Louisiana are at a particularly high risk of car wrecks in bad…
Why Do People Sue? Top 3 Reasons to Sue Someone
Before you dismiss personal injury lawsuits as frivolous, read below about the many reasons personal injury attorneys protect the citizens of our community. There can be very important reasons to sue. It’s a common misconception that all personal injury attorneys are “ambulance chasers” who encourage their clients to sue…
What Is the Texas Statute of Limitations for Wrongful Death?
When a loved one is taken from us, it’s only natural to look for someone to blame. While sometimes an accident is just an accident, and a tragedy just a tragedy . . . sometimes it IS someone’s fault. Even when it is not a deliberate murder, it is…
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