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Why Do People Sue? Top 3 Reasons to Sue Someone

Before you dismiss personal injury lawsuits as frivolous, read below about the many reasons personal injury attorneys protect the citizens of our community. There can be very important reasons to sue.

It’s a common misconception that all personal injury attorneys are “ambulance chasers” who encourage their clients to sue over any accident, even if the case is frivolous.

In fact, many people and business owners live in fear that some sue-happy person is going to stage a slip-and-fall on their property, without any true reasons to sue – just to get some quick cash.

While there are certainly people out there who abuse our legal system, reputable firms do not encourage this sort of behavior. In fact, we thoroughly screen every single potential client by doing the following to name a few: 1. running criminal background checks, 2. researching whether the potential client has ever filed a claim or lawsuit before, 3. Checking court records, and 4. Assessing each potential client’s credibility to determine how that individual would do in court. At Shamieh Law, we receive hundreds of calls each month, but we only select clients and cases that we believe a jury will side with.

We encourage our clients who experienced loss as a result of someone’s negligence to file suit. Why? Well, there are many reasons to sue, beyond just collecting damages. We’ll go through just a few of these reasons to sue with you now.

Reason 1: Get Compensation

This is the obvious reason, but there’s more to it than just “get money.” The primary reason to file suit is because if you have been injured, you most likely have medical bills and lost wages. If you suffered a monetary loss because someone caused you an injury, breached a contract, or hurt your reputation, you deserve compensation for that loss. Often, the only way to benefit from your legal rights in this situation is to file a lawsuit and prove your case in court.

What people also do not realize is that insurance companies are ruthless and only care about their bottom line. For example, you pay car insurance premiums for years with the understanding that if you get in a wreck, your insurance company will protect you if the other party doesn’t have insurance. You would think that’s the case, but it is now. We have represented hundreds of clients who have been hit by an uninsured driver and their own insurance turns a blind eye. Do you expect those people to just forget about their injuries and losses? Why would anybody pay insurance premiums if your insurance company doesn’t hold their end of the bargain? In this example, your only choice is to file a lawsuit.You’re not taking advantage of anyone. You’re trying to recoup what you’ve already lost and get as close to your normal life as possible after an incident caused by someone else’s negligence.

Reason 2: Get Answers Under Oath

One of the reasons to sue beyond compensation is the right to ask the other side questions under oath. Sometimes you can do this before the trial and at trial, and sometimes only at trial. This is not a right you have outside of a lawsuit, and it’s a powerful right because lying under oath can put the defendant in jail. Ordinary people don’t get this power to investigate. While it shouldn’t be used as a fishing expedition without any proper evidence, sometimes a lawsuit is the only way to get to the real truth of a matter. This is valuable, even in cases where you won’t get a dime in damages such as a divorce or property dispute.

Reason 3: Protect Your Right To Sue

You may walk away from a car accident and think you’re fine. It’s just a little neck ache. You decide you don’t want to be too litigious, so you won’t sue. Years go by, and one day that little neck pain is so debilitating, you can no longer work. By this time, the limitation period is over and you have no recourse. You’re disabled, out of money, and the person or entity responsible has not contributed a dime toward the loss you suffered because the deadline to file suit has passed.

It may sound weird, but sometimes you have to sue to protect your legal rights. There are many real-life scenarios (like our hypothetical above) where this becomes all too important in hindsight.

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We certainly hope you never need to file a lawsuit or get in a car accident in Dallas or Lake Charles.

It’s not a fun position to be in, and nobody wants to be hurt or file a lawsuit. However, it’s very possible that you may be in this position at some point in your life, and when it happens to you, you’ll want to hire an experienced Lake Charles and Dallas lawyer. We’ll make an unpleasant process as painless as possible, and make sure you are fully compensated for your loss.

If you or someone you love have suffered a loss because of someone else’s negligence, call an experienced lawyer to thoroughly investigate your case, and get you the justice you deserve. Contact us today at 469-225-3129 to schedule a consultation.

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