Dallas 18-Wheeler Crash Hogs the Road . . . with PIGS!

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A Dallas 18-wheeler crash let loose dozens of pigs onto a busy freeway on June 29, 2017. The accident took place when two 18-wheelers (one holding the pigs) and a car collided on Interstate 45, South of Dallas, around 6:30am. The truck tipped to its side and caught fire, but not before the driver and a whole lot of swine escaped into the middle of the road. You could say things went hog wild!

The Aftermath

All humans made it out of the Dallas 18-wheeler crash unscathed, but the livestock were not so lucky.

“We had a total of 195 [on the highway]. We do not know how many dead-loss or how many ran off,” Wilmer Police Department Lt. Eric Pon told local news channel KTVT.

“The biggest challenge we’ve had so far was just corralling the pigs, keeping ’em from getting into oncoming traffic and getting run over — but I do believe we’ve got all of them,” Pon added.

All those pigs running amuck presented quite the traffic nightmare. Both sides of the Interstate were closed, causing massive traffic delays, during rush hour, while police scrambled to clean up the veritable pigsty.

Driver or Company: Who is Liable?

Clearly, a lot of damage occurred, and a lot of resources were spent on chasing hogs that day. Someone has to be held responsible, but who is named in the suit?

The liability theory of “respondeat superior” holds a company responsible for an accident caused by a truck driver employee. It’s a Latin phrase that means, “let the superior make answer.” As long as the accident was unintentional and falls under the scope of employment, liability rests on the shoulders of the trucking company.

Now, the case of the Dallas 18-wheeler crash. Is the at-fault driver a full employee of the trucking company or an independent contractor? Generally, a company is not liable for wrongful acts committed by independent contractors. Typically, independent contractors are required to have their own liability insurance, because they are responsible for any accidents they have on the job.

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In all seriousness, kudos to the Wilmer Police Department and all those who responded to the Dallas 18-wheeler crash for a job well done.

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