Fidget Spinner Accident

Victims of a fidget spinner accident need an experienced product defect attorney.

Fidget spinners were originally designed to help kids with ADHD, anxiety, and autism focus – but they have since captured the attention of kids and adults all over the world. They are made of metal or plastic, with three flat lobes that rotate around a ball-bearing axis. With the increasing popularity of fidget spinners, manufacturers have added features like LED lights, Bluetooth, and built-in speakers. With all the new upgrades, some fidget spinners now require a lithium-ion battery that must be plugged in to charge.

With such small parts and now electronic components, each toy comes with a very real danger of causing a tragic fidget spinner accident.


Some Causes of a Fidget Spinner Accident

The warning labels of fidget spinners are being updated, because they may pose a choking hazard. Battery-powered fidget spinners can potentially even catch fire. Read below about the potential for a fidget spinner accident in certain situations.

Hazards of Fidget Spinners with Children:

  • Children under 3 years of age should be kept away from fidget spinners.
  • The metal and plastic spinners have small pieces, including batteries, that can present a choking hazard. Children up to age 14 have reported a choking fidget spinner accident.
  • Caution children of all ages to avoid putting fidget spinners or any small pieces in their mouths, and to keep the fidget spinners away from their faces.
  • Battery-Operated Fidget Spinner Accident:

    • Be sure the smoke alarms in your house are in working order in case there is a fire.
    • Don’t leave fidget spinners unattended when their batteries are charging.
    • Never charge a battery-operated fidget spinner while you are sleeping.
    • Only use the cable that came with your product.
    • If, for some reason, your battery-operated fidget spinner came without a cable, be sure to use one with the correct charging connections.
    • Immediately unplug your fidget spinner once it is completely charged.

Exploding Fidget Spinners!

In May of 2017, a Michigan woman used a baby monitor cord to charge her fidget spinner, and said it burst into flames within 30 minutes.

Meanwhile, a mother in Alabama claimed a fidget spinner exploded after charging for 45 minutes. Luckily, the fire was quickly put out in the sink, but who knows what might have happened had no one been home while it was charging.


Consult with a Fidget Spinner Accident Attorney

You don’t have to go through a fidget spinner accident case alone. Shamieh Law’s talented and aggressive product defect attorneys are here to evaluate your case. We will work with safety experts to determine if and why a fidget spinner accident occurred. We will then determine liability, protect your rights and get you the damages to which you are entitled.

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