Hazing Litigation

Have you been victimized by hazing and need a hazing litigation attorney?

Hazing in high school, college, and other organizations is seen as a right of passage and has been socially accepted for decades. However, due to recent media coverage and the instant sharing power of social media, some major problems with hazing have come to light. Hazing litigation has become very important for victims to recover damages from rites of passage gone wrong.

There has been at least one hazing death each year from 1969 to 2017.

The experienced hazing litigation team at Shamieh Law will work with you to determine the best legal strategy and fight to recover the maximum compensation you are owed.

In May of 2017, 8 members of Beta Theta Pi fraternity at Penn State were charged with involuntary manslaughter and aggravated assault in the death of Tim Piazza. At the time of his death, Tim was a Penn State sophomore who died after participating in hazing rituals at the fraternity house. Tragedies such as this one need strong legal support from hazing litigation attorneys so that the family can seek justice.
The attorneys at Shamieh Law are aggressive litigators who can provide justice to victims and families who lost their loved one due to hazing. In addition to seeking civil damages, Shamieh Law will secure evidence to support any potential criminal actions that the State may pursue against perpetrators of violent and criminal hazing acts.
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