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Billy Calderon

Case Manager

Billy has been a member of the Shamieh Law family for over one year. As a case manager, he assists our clients in navigating their personal injury claim from start to finish. Billy is responsible for ensuring all of his clients’ needs are met including setting up medical care, communicating with adjusters, obtaining medical records, and assisting with negotiations. The most rewarding aspect of his job is seeing his clients physically and emotionally heal from their injuries and ensuring they have been fairly compensated.

Billy regularly practices a number of skills to avoid taking on the potential stress of the job. Specifically, he practices not identifying or deriving self-worth from his achievements or his job. He finds his life’s existence to be worthy of itself, and welcomes all the opportunities and experiences life has to offer without attachments. Each day, Billy reminds himself to approach each moment, each interaction with other human beings, and life in general with curiosity and love.

Billy regularly meditates, practices breathwork, and yoga to find balance and deeper levels of awareness. He focuses on reprogramming any negative thoughts, actions, or feelings he experiences to live a more prosperous life. This also includes focusing on his diet, exercising, sleep patterns, and regularly getting sunlight. Billy enjoys cooking, reading, and rhythmic activities such as dancing, dj’ing and playing instruments. Billy loves connecting with other human beings and spending time in nature. These experiences reminds him that we are all uniquely different, yet we are all one.

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