Drone Accidents: Whoa! Look Out!

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Drones are really cool – ever wanted to be a pilot, but afraid of heights (or colorblind)? Get a drone! Zoom all over the sky with your feet securely planted on the ground. Sounds like a safe bet, right? Well, not always. Drones are no airplanes, but they can be very dangerous in their own right. Drone accidents are happening everywhere, and can result in serious injury or property damage.

Drone racing? Sounds awesome, but also like drone accidents waiting to happen. Read about more interesting uses for drones here.

Some Notable Drone Accidents

What was supposed to be a holiday promotion by TGIFridays turned into a PR nightmare. Their “Mobile Mistletoe” was a drone that hovered over diners, prompting them to kiss. The promotion was severed when a drone crashed into the face of Brooklyn Daily photographer Georgine Benvenuto, clipping the end of her nose and cutting her chin. Nobody would be in the mood to smooch after that!

You wouldn’t think it would be more dangerous to be a bystander in a running of the bulls, but this was certainly the case at the Great Bull Run at the Virginia Motorsports Park in 2013. During the festival, a drone being used to record video of the event crashed into the stands, injuring several onlookers.

Derailing a triathlete’s competition isn’t a great way to make friends. A drone used to photograph competitors at the Geraldton Endure Batavia triathlon in Australia crashed into triathlete Raija Ogden. It caused a minor head wound, which required stitches to close. Even though the drone operator claimed someone in the audience stole control of his drone, he could still be held liable. It’s risky to be a drone operator!

Who is Liable in Drone Accidents?

Liability is a tricky subject with drone accidents. Victims may have some legal hurdles to leap, particularly with commercial drones. Companies often do not own, but lease drones, leading to liability questions over who is responsible for an injury.

Drone accidents are similar to automotive vehicle accidents in that a case can be made for negligence on the part of the “driver.” However, evidence is harder to collect, because drones do not possess the same computer components that cars have, allowing you to track what has happened to them mechanically or where they have been. Also unlike cars, drones are not often repaired when they break; rather, they are thrown away or replaced. This can lead to a loss of evidence that may have pointed to manufacturer liability.

Still, the assignment of responsibility in drone accidents is similar to any personal injury claim. Trace the evidence back to where the negligent act occurred, and you have the responsible party.

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There are bad drivers all over the road, and now there are bad drone pilots all over the sky! There may be nowhere to hide from personal injury these days, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t hold people responsible for their negligent actions.

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