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Train Accident Lawyer

If you have suffered injury or property damage because of a train accident, get an experienced Train Accident Lawyer on your side.

Train accidents result in about 1,000 death’s each year. Due to the massive weight and size of the locomotive, even a “minor” incident with a train can cause severe injury or death. Train accident lawsuits often involve multiple responsible parties, and are subject to different laws, standards, and statutes of limitations than most personal injury lawsuits. It is essential to hire an experienced train accident lawyer to help you navigate these complicated lawsuits.

Train Accident Victims

Train accidents can affect just one person or an entire community. For instance, when someone is run over by a train versus a toxic chemical spill. If a passenger train derails, there can be hundreds of victims. A train accident lawyer is well versed in who may have a claim in the event of a train accident.

Train accident victims can include:

  • Train passengers
  • Railroad Workers
  • Pedestrians and bystanders
  • Railroad workers

Types of Train Accidents

Railroad crossing accidents usually involve people being run over or trucks or cars being struck. This is even a chosen method of suicide by some. Some common causes of railroad crossing accidents include:

  • Trains parked too close to a crossing
  • Crossings obstructed by plants and other objects
  • Defective signals or gates
  • Trains that fail to use their lights when approaching crossings
  • Trains that fail to use their horns when approaching crossings
  • Objects protruding from the train


Derailments cause the most collateral damage. Train derailments are almost always the result of someone failing to follow established safety standards, but may also be caused by:

  • Obstacles on the tracks
  • Faulty tracks
  • Too much cargo weight
  • Faulty equipment

No collision injuries – Train accidents do not always involve a derailment or collision. A person can become entangled, slip or fall off of, or under a train and be seriously injured or killed. Trains are large, complex pieces of moving equipment. It’s incredibly easy to be injured by a train.

What determines a railroad’s legal responsibility in the event of a train accident injury? The many factors establishing a railroad’s legal responsibility to an injured party depends on the relationship of the victim to the railroad. The degree of care the railroad owes to the victim may differ depending on whether or not he/she was an employee of the railroad, a train passenger, or an unrelated third party such as a pedestrian or motorist.

A train accident lawyer, like those at Shamieh Law, will thoroughly examine and argue your train accident case, and get you the damages to which you are entitled. Contact Shamieh Law now at 214-888-3333 to schedule a free consultation regarding your train accident claim.



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