Ramez truly understood who I was and what I was going through after my car accident. His attentiveness towards your needs and making sure you are getting the proper treatment was remarkable to me. He loves by his phone and makes sure you are getting what you need at all time while being a very genuine him an being. He is not only understanding of law but most importantly your health. His down to earth atmosphere as a person is what made me want to work with him initially but throughout the process I found a friend who lives for others needs. He’s not only conscientious of your needs but his speedy process as a PI lawyer is insane. He worked extremely hard for me in a very aggressive manner. I don’t think there’s a better and more reliable PI lawyer out there in Dallas Fort Worth. He will go to the end of the earth to get you as much money as possible but most importantly the help that you truly need. He personally helped me get better and financially stable after my accident within a short few months. He is truly the best and happy to call him my friend.