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18-Wheeler Crash on I-35 near Downtown Austin

By shamieh law | On

18-Wheeler Causes Messy Morning Commute 18-wheelers are a common sight on Texas highways like I-35 and I-30. In fact, just last week I-35 was shut down outside of Austin because of an 18-wheeler rollover accident downtown. Making an already messy commute even more of a headache, the 18-wheeler had crashed and partially overturned on I-35 downtown. The incident happened around …

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18-Wheeler Truck Accidents

With a booming trucking industry, people driving in and around the Dallas highways are familiar with the amount of 18-wheelers that can be on the road at any given time. No matter how well trained they are, driving a truck well is a skillset that takes a lot of time and practice on the road. Because of the increased demand …