As anticipation and excitement grows for the first-ever NFL Super Bowl to be played in the North Texas area, the Dallas/Fort Worth legal community is bracing itself for a potentially huge financial impact that could affect our economy for years to come. According to an economic impact study conducted by Marketing Information Masters, Inc., the economic benefit to North Texas will be in excess of $612 million. Jerry Jones, owner of the Dallas Cowboys, spoke about the positive impact of hosting this event: “[T]he 2011 Super Bowl is not just a football game. It is an opportunity to showcase the North Texas community to the entire world for many years to come.”

The Super Bowl will bring business leaders from various fields to the North Texas area. Specifically, the majority of Fortune 500 companies will be represented at the Super Bowl. Approximately 147,000 out-of-state travelers are scheduled to visit North Texas for the Super Bowl.

Among those visitors, 62 percent of Super Bowl attendees are corporate decision-makers, and 70 percent of those decision-makers would consider holding future meetings or conferences in the Super Bowl host city because of the positive experience associated with the game and city. Most surprising, of the 70 percent of decision-makers attending the game, 29 percent would consider establishing future business operations in the host city area. An additional 20 corporations will hold business meetings in North Texas before the game simply because it is the new Super Bowl site.

With respect to the creation of jobs, the Super Bowl may directly be responsible for adding as many as 2,000 new jobs to the North Texas area. North Texas attorneys will have the opportunity to develop relationships with business, entertainment, and sports executives from around the country, if not the world.

The previous Super Bowl host cities have seen an increase in litigation and transactional cases. With the substantial influx of businesses and travelers to North Texas, the potential liabilities for business disputes, intellectual property violations, and personal injury claims will increase, not to mention the need for attorneys handling real estate transactions, corporate transactions, employment issues, and construction claims related to the Super Bowl. The courts, as well as lawyers, will need to prepare for an increase in Super Bowl-related disputes due to the increase in claims.

The Super Bowl could serve as an important and valued marketing tool for law firms while enriching the lives of others. North Texas attorneys seeking firm visibility and recognition can volunteer for several community activities associated with the Super Bowl. Larry McCoy, Chief Financial Officer of the North Texas Super Bowl XLV Host Committee, stated: “[T]here is a great opportunity for attorneys to give back to the less fortunate and also reap the benefits of community service with a sense of civic pride.” The Host Committee has also partnered with Big Thought to create the Youth Education Town Center for underprivileged children to receive educational assistance.

As with any business, preparation and community involvement can help your law firm get an early track on developing new business and clients. North Texas attorneys are encouraged to volunteer and anyone interested in volunteering with Super Bowl related organizations can contact the Host Committee at (214) 252-5100 or by visiting for additional information.

Ramez Shamieh is an associate at McCathern Mooty Hyde & Grinke. He can be reached at