Train Accidents


The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) estimates that nearly every two hours, a person or vehicle is involved in a train accident. These accidents result in nearly 8,000 Americans sustaining an injury every year. Approximately 700 of these annual injuries are fatal. Due to the sheer size and volume of trains, there are few types of accidents that cause as much damage and devastation as those involving railroads.

While train accidents don’t happen nearly as frequently as car crashes and other accidents, they still occur and cause significant damage. The Federal Railroad Administration estimates that there are about 1,000 train accidents that take place in the United States each year.


Railroad jobs are industrial in nature, which means that employees of railroads face greater dangers than most other workers on a day-to-day basis. Industrial jobs were recently listed as one of the top 10 most dangerous jobs in the nation, so it isn’t surprising that countless industrial workers are injured every year. In fact, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics states that rail yard engineers and train operators have much higher rates of occupational injuries than most other jobs.

Train accidents can affect one person, an entire train of passengers, or those in a surrounding neighborhood. Some of the most common types of train accidents include:
  • Pedestrians being struck by a passing train
  • Railroad crossing accidents
  • Train-car collisions
  • Train-train collisions
  • Train derailment


Railroad companies are obligated to keep employees, passengers, and the communities through which their trains travel safe. When a company or employee is negligent and it results in injuries or death, they may be held liable for failing to uphold their obligation. These cases are quite complex and require the expertise of an experienced Dallas train accident attorney like those at Shamieh Law. To learn more about your rights following a railroad accident, please make an appointment with Shamieh Law today.