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If you’ve been hurt in a crash, wronged by someone else’s negligence, or have lost a loved one to wrongful death, we can help. Shamieh Law’s personal injury lawyers in Lake Charles, LA are here to fight for your justice and fair compensation. Don’t settle for less than you and your family deserve. Get started today with a free review of your important case.

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    Our Lake Charles Personal Injury Lawyers Take on These Types of Cases

    The Lake Charles accident attorneys at Shamieh Law see a wide range of cases and accident victims walk through our doors. Some of our most popular cases include:

    We Represent Lake Charles Accident Victims and More

    Our experienced Louisiana personal injury attorneys represent injured victims and their families as they deal with mounting medical costs, loss of income, and challenging mental and physical pain. Insurance companies often refuse to pay claims fairly and may try to bully victims into lowball settlements. 

    Our goal for every Lake Charles personal injury lawsuit we file: recover money damages for our clients and help make them whole again in the eyes of the law. Get started with your financial recovery. Call us 24/7 to schedule your free case evaluation.

    Car Accident Lawyers in Lake Charles, LA

    When a car accident occurs in Lake Charles, you have just one year to seek compensation for damages caused by the responsible parties in the state of Louisiana [1]. Getting help from an experienced Lake Charles car accident attorney is critical before time runs out. Don’t miss your chance at getting full justice and recovering your compensation for medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and more.

    Our car accident lawyers in Lake Charles represent clients injured in rear-end accidents, rollover accidents, speeding accidents, T-bones, accidents caused by road conditions, DUI, and others.

    We can also help clients with these Lake Charles car accident cases and more: 

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    Truck Accident Lawyers in Lake Charles, LA

    The experienced Lake Charles truck accident lawyers at Shamieh Law tackle complex cases involving defective parts, poorly balanced cargo, and reckless drivers. We hold trucking companies, parts manufacturers, and even maintenance crews responsible for negligence.

    We represent injured victims in semi-truck crashes, bus accidents, commercial vehicle wrecks, and more. Call us anytime, day or night, to begin pursuing your justice and compensation with our big rig accident lawyers in Lake Charles.

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    Wrongful Death Lawyers in Lake Charles, LA

    When you lose a loved one in Louisiana, you may be entitled to compensation for hospital bills, funeral expenses, and loss of comfort and support, as well as pain and suffering and beyond, through a wrongful death case. A wrongful death suit can only be filed by the spouse, children, parents, siblings, or grandparents, in that order.

    If you’ve lost a loved one due to someone else’s reckless or malicious actions, contact Shamieh Law’s wrongful death lawyers near Lake Charles, Louisiana for help.

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    Motorcycle Accident Lawyers in Lake Charles

    Our Lake Charles motorcycle accident attorneys represent injured bikers and their families. We are on your side. Motorists harm bikers when they become unaware of a motorcycle’s speed or presence and fail to pay attention. Catastrophic injuries and fatalities regularly occur with motorcycle crashes.

    When you’ve been injured or lost a loved one in a motorcycle crash, call on Shamieh Law to help deliver justice and demand fair compensation for the road ahead. 

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    These practice areas represent a small portion of our personal injury law firm in Lake Charles, Louisiana. Get to know all of our practice areas below. 

    Lake Charles Injury Attorneys Fighting for Your Justice and Compensation

    We will fight to recover compensation for your injuries and make you whole again in the eyes of the law in Louisiana. Compensation from a lawsuit is meant to address:

    • Medical Expenses – including hospitalizations, surgeries, ongoing treatments, and therapies
    • Lost Wages – when you miss paychecks due to injuries keeping you from working
    • Lost Future Income – when you cannot continue with your current career
    • Pain and Suffering 
    • Loss of Consortium – when a loved one has been killed, or their quality of life has been so reduced that your relationship with them has suffered
    • Punitive Damages – meant as punishment for harm done

    Free Case Review with Our Lake Charles Personal Injury Law Firm

    If you’ve been in an accident in Lake Charles, you don’t have to stand alone. Get in touch with Shamieh Law at 469-813-7332 or use our contact form for a free consultation with a Lake Charles accident lawyer today. We have decades of combined experience. Our owner, Ramez Shamieh, has been recognized as a Super Lawyer in the region, and we are an award-winning firm. We’ll fight for you every step of the way.

    We’ve served Lake Charles and the state of Louisiana for over 20 years and have recovered millions of dollars in compensation for our important clients.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Lake Charles Personal Injury Lawsuits

    What if you can't afford a lawyer for a personal injury case?

    At Shamieh Law, we are proud to use a contingency fee model to assist our clients with the complex and costly undertaking of personal injury cases. In Louisiana, a contingency fee is our agreement between the law firm and you, the client. We do not collect a fee unless you win or settle the case. The fee is typically calculated as a percentage of the granted compensation. This arrangement allows clients with limited financial resources to access legal representation without paying out-of-pocket expenses.

    What should I expect from my personal injury lawyer in Lake Charles, LA?

    You can expect dedicated legal representation when working with a personal injury lawyer at Shamieh Law. An injury attorney should provide clear advice on the law and will have your best interests in mind throughout the process. From assessing liability to negotiating compensation, your lawyer will help you understand your options and pursue a successful outcome for your case. We’ll also help guide you through any paperwork or court proceedings that may be necessary to receive the compensation needed.

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