So You Got Into a Lyft Accident? Here’s What Happens Next

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Accidents happen, regardless of whether you are driving your own vehicle or using a rideshare service such as Lyft. When you get into a Lyft or Uber, chances are you don’t think about what will happen in the event of an accident, right? There are many different possibilities and horror stories of people being left to fend for themselves, but a recent Seattle incident showed that it’s not always bad.

A Seattle mom called a Lyft to take her and her two young children to meet the rest of her family when the vehicle she was riding in was hit by another driver. The Lyft driver – who remained calm – immediately apologized and got out of the car to deal with the accident. Before calling 911, he called Lyft to report the incident. Within a matter of minutes, Lyft’s “Trust and Safety Team” called the woman and apologized, asked if she was OK, asked if her children were OK and if he needed to contact paramedics for her kids, offered to send another Lyft, gave her a few free Lyft rides, and started an internal accident report.

This all took place even though the accident was no fault of the Lyft drivers’. The day after the accident, the woman received an email from the Trust and Safety Team (as well as a follow-up call a few days later) to ensure everyone was healthy and there were no loose ends with the insurance company. This is an excellent example of what should happen, but unfortunately, not all accidents are handled in such a way.

Contact Shamieh Law If You’ve Been in a Lyft Accident

Regardless of how minor a Lyft or Uber accident seems, it is always a good idea to contact an experienced lawyer from Shamieh Law. While the incident mentioned above was handled incredibly well, it’s safe to say this will not always be the case. If you are involved in an accident while riding in a Lyft or Uber, you should always seek medical attention and make sure you are OK. Contact 911 to report the incident (if someone else hasn’t done so already) and get the contact information of everyone else involved. Insurance can be tricky when Lyft and Uber are involved, which is where a good lawyer comes in handy.

Here at Shamieh Law, our Dallas Lyft accident attorneys have handled countless similar incidents and are happy to answer any questions you may have. We understand how stressful it can be to be involved in an accident of any kind, which is why we are here for you. We would like to think that all Lyft accidents are handled like the above example, but this may not happen. Please contact Shamieh Law today with any questions or to discuss your case.

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