Ezekiel Elliot Bar Fight in Dallas Raises Legal Questions

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Dallas Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott was allegedly involved in a bar fight Sunday night at a Dallas bar. Although there are reports Dallas police have suspended their investigation, that can change at any moment. Either way, the Ezekiel Elliott bar fight raises some potential legal questions. We’ll take a look at some of the possibilities.

What Went Down

According to the Bleacher Report story, the Ezekiel Elliott bar fight started after the Dallas Cowboys running back went to the popular uptown Dallas bar, Clutch Bar with a group of friends. The alleged victim was arguing with one of the women in Elliott’s group, and –according to some witnesses– Elliot punched the victim, knocking him out.

Interpreting the Ezekiel Elliott Bar Fight

From a legal standpoint, there are a few different ways the incident at the bar may be interpreted in criminal or civil court.

  1. Zeke may have been defending the woman in his group from the alleged victim. If this is the case, Zeke might not assume any responsibility at all.
  2. If Zeke was under the influence, out of control, and assaulted the alleged victim as a result of his altered state, he would probably be held responsible for the assault in either criminal or civil court.
  3. On an entirely different note, the bar may have knowingly over-served Zeke and the alleged victim. As we discussed in an earlier post, Texas’ Dram Shop Laws can hold alcohol servers responsible for damages resulting from over-served patrons.

“Just kind of want to stay out of the way. Whatever you do is going to be seen.”

Ezekiel Elliott, before news of this incident broke

“Elliott is currently under NFL investigation for alleged incidents of domestic abuse against a woman in 2016. The league gave the reigning Rookie of the Year a detailed report on its findings over the weekend, and Elliott was preparing a response before this incident became public.”


Ezekiel Elliott Bar Fight Not Uncommon

There are a lot of ways this fight could have gone sideways. A bar fight could happen to a lot of people who have too much to drink, but Zeke had a lot to lose. High-profile individuals like Ezekiel Elliot should act as though there is a target on their backs. This incident could jeopardize his career if someone decides to press charges.

Earlier this year, Deindre Hall and Makinton Dorleant were arrested following a fight at a bar. Hall is facing charges of disorderly conduct, public intoxication, and interference with official acts. Both men were held in jail overnight, and there will certainly be career repercussions.

According to the USA Today, even coaches can get caught up in barroom brawls. Earlier this year, former NFL head coach Rex Ryan, along with his twin brother and former assistant coach, Rob Ryan, were involved in a bar skirmish in Nashville. It appears that Rob Ryan was defending his brother, but when you are caught on video with your hands around someone’s throat, there are bound to be ramifications.

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We hope this event comes to a speedy and positive conclusion for Ezekiel Elliott and everyone involved. Small misunderstandings can get out of hand quickly in a large crowd, especially when alcohol is involved.

Everyone makes mistakes. The Ezekiel Elliott bar fight is a prime example of that. We’ll help ensure that one unfortunate incident does not ruin your life.

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