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According to the National Electronic Injury Surveillance System, there are approximately 400,000 product-related injury reports annually [1].


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Bringing Manufacturers And Sellers To Justice For All Injuries Due To Manufacturing And Design Defects.

This represents an estimate of over 14 million product-related injuries treated in hospital and emergency departments each year.

No one should have to worry about injury after purchasing a product but it happens at an alarming rate. Some companies even accept that a percentage of their products could seriously injury you because they will still profit with its release.

Because of that, it’s important to know who to call in the event of serious injury or death.

Shamieh Law has an experienced, aggressive team in place to get you the compensation you deserve from an injury that was caused by a product defect.


The three most common types of defective product claims are

  • Manufacturing defect [2]
  • Design defect [3]
  • Failure to warn [4]

In the case of a manufacturing defect or design defect, there was a mistake in the manufacturing process or the product was unsafely designed.

A failure to warn is simply when the manufacturer or seller failed to include proper warning.

We have handled all three case types effectively, winning large payouts for our clients in the process.

We only hire the best experts in the Dallas and Lake Charles area to investigate and help us prove the product was dangerous and caused your injuries.

It’s important to contact the Shamieh Law firm right away to begin the investigation process.

It takes time to gather all the necessary facts and information to proceed forwards with the case.

There are several requirements to prove a defective product claim including

  • Showing that the product was defectively designed or manufactured
  • Proving that the product had not been modified or changed by the time you received it
  • That the product defect presented an unreasonable danger The product did cause your injuries.

It can get very confusing to have to figure out where you fall under the above claims especially when dealing with an injury.

Don’t try and decide if you’ve got a case on your own—Shamieh Law will analyze the situation for you for no money up front.

Contact us now for a now for a free consultation.

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