Dallas Judge Stands Up To Toyota Over Product Defect Documents

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Judge Rules to Make Defective Product Documents Public

When you buy a product from a store or online, you assume it will be safe to use. Unfortunately, defective products are sold every single day, leading to serious injuries and unnecessary harm. Nearly any type of consumer product can have a potentially dangerous defect, from electronics to toys and auto parts. For example, a Dallas judge just rejected an attempt by Toyota to seal documents that discussed the automaker’s defective and dangerous products. On March 5th, District Court Judge Dale Tillery announced he would not grant Toyota’s request to keep these records sealed, stating it is “public interest to keep such documents for review because they detail issues involving public health and safety.” Also in the ruling, the judge is requiring a Toyota representative is available to discuss how the company deals with product liability cases and defective products.

Over the years, we have seen numerous automakers, for example, come under fire for defective products. The Toyota ruling came in response to a lawsuit on behalf of a Dallas family whose children were injured when the seatbacks in the car they were traveling in did not work properly. This is just one example of how dangerous defective products can be and why these cases are so complex. Sadly, many companies will still launch products, knowing that they have the potential to cause harm. This ruling is a big move for Dallas and other similar cases, as it indicates we will no longer sit quietly when products are defective and cause injuries.

Understanding Defective Products

Most of the products you use every single day function properly, however, this is not always the case. Sometimes the everyday products we use cause injury because of defective design, manufacturing, or marketing. Some products are inherently more dangerous than others, such as medical devices, pharmaceutical drugs, and motor vehicles and auto parts. In fact, automobiles have some of the most common defects and are among the most recalled products because even the smallest defect can cause devastating injuries. Just to drive our point home, General Motors on its own has recalled more than 100 million vehicles since 1985. Numerous auto manufacturers have come under fire for poor design and knowingly putting vehicles on the market with the potential to cause harm.

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