How a Dash Cam Can Help You in Your Car Wreck Case

February 13, 2020

Footage From a Dash Cam Can Help You After a Car Wreck

Dash cams have been in the news a lot as of late, often being called into question in sensitive cases and situations involving the police and individuals they pull over or have other interactions with. In recent years, dash cams have become a mainstay in rideshare vehicles and a go-to for safety-minded drivers. They are affordable, functional, and can increase security while on the road.

With the number of car accidents that take place in Dallas alone, it is no wonder many drivers are taking extra measures to protect themselves. If you’ve been in a car accident before, you’ve likely seen firsthand how things can get complicated. It is often one person’s word against another’s, which can create serious confusion and problems, to say the least. One of the best ways to avoid a headache following a car accident is to have a dash cam installed in your car. In doing so, you will be able to provide clear footage of anything that happens in front of your vehicle, which could protect you in the event of a lawsuit.

What is a Dash Cam? 

Before we look at how a dash cam can help with your car wreck case, let’s look at what, exactly, it is.

Short for a dashboard camera, a dash cam is a small recording device that is attached inside your vehicle. These special recording devices are specifically designed for cars, continuously recording everything that is going on as you are driving. In most cases, they are installed to capture footage from both the front and back of the car with the intention of documenting accidents, vandalism, harassment, and many other scenarios.

When the vehicle is in motion, the dash cam is recording and storing information on a removable memory card. Depending on the type you get, it will stream what is being recorded through a display.

Can a Dash Cam Help with My Car Wreck Case?

There are many different ways in which a dash cam can help with your car accident claim. We have seen numerous cases where a dash cam had a major impact on the outcome of a case, usually to the advantage of the cam owner. Some of the top ways a dash cam may help with your Dallas car accident case include:

  • Provides undeniable visual and audio evidence
  • Can help with your insurance rates following a car accident, as you will be able to show that you were not at fault for the accident
  • Decreases the amount of time a settlement with the insurance company will take
  • Reduces the amount of time it will take to settle a personal injury case
  • Promotes safe driving

Can dash cam footage be used in court? 

Yes. In Texas, as long as the footage taken from the dash cam is relevant to the case, recordings can be used in court. However, there are several exceptions to this rule, so it is always best to discuss your particular case with an experienced Dallas car accident attorney. To learn more about auto accidents in Texas or if you were involved in an accident and have dash cam footage that shows your innocence, please give us a call and schedule a free consultation.